The New Landscape

The New Landscape aims to draw attention to the environmental impact of industrialised landscapes, documenting the relationship between man and nature. The photographs included a substantial amount of information about the landscapes, using their visual power to fuel the thoughts of the viewer. The book depicts the landscapes of England, and Iceland. England is 130 square kilometres in size, and with Iceland being 103 square kilometres, they share nearly the same land mass with drastically different statistics. The population of England is 53 million, whilst Iceland’s is a minuet 16% of that at 330,000. Iceland has 100% renewable energy, from their abundant hydro-electric and geothermal sources. These statistics present themselves through the distinct differences in the use of the landscape, which flows throughout the book. Many of the landscapes presented here the viewer will see on a day to day basis. As people in the 21st century, we have been subconsciously taught to beautify these landscapes and ignore the pylons, industrial sites and clouds of smoke that fill our environment. In these photographs, the emphasis is on eschewing from adorning the landscapes. This allows the viewer to apply their own opinion upon the photographs, exploring elements of the landscape they have never stopped to question before.